- Slim / Slank

The ‘Smart & Slim’ Reveal

Facade finished, window installed, everything waterproofed, but still looking for an aesthetically finishing touch? Roundal Slim is the smart solution in this scenario! The RDS can also protrude up to 5 cm (2’’), adding a distinctive look to the facade.

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  1. Insulation
  2. Window
  3. Facing brick
  4. Connection with facade support
  5. Reveal with straight fin
  6. Sill

The reveal bible

We like sharing our know-how.

Successful installation of our reveal frames starts with studying the Roundal Reveal Bible. In this technical manual, we share our extensive knowledge and experience of reveal systems, providing architects and professionals with important insights into all Roundal solutions.

Realisation highlighted

Reveal frames with a tint

This school went for the RDW and turned it into a playful project. Taking full advantage of the possibilities of the RDW, it adds a fresh touch to help start the school day with a smile.