The reveal bible

We like sharing our know-how.

Successful installation of our reveal frames starts with studying the Roundal Reveal Bible. In this technical manual, we share our extensive knowledge and experience of reveal systems, providing architects and professionals with important insights into all Roundal solutions.

Discover the best reveal solution for your project

What exact reveal system does your project require? The Roundal product compare pages will provide you with the answer! Compare one or more types side by side and find out what solution is needed for which type of facade. It provides a clear overview of when to schedule the installation of your reveal solution. It’s the quickest way to find out what Roundal solution your project requires.

Roundal, an Ursus brand

Ursus is the ultimate specialist in aluminium reveal cladding. Because of our extensive expertise, based on many years of experience, we have been able to develop the most complete range of custom-made standardized reveal systems.

With our extensive range, we can offer a solution for any and all construction situations and specifications. Our professionals are ready to discuss your planning and technical file to come up with the optimal reveal solution.