Planning is key

Is a Roundal solution going to be your choice? Planning is key!

Roundal offers five different reveal systems. The chosen type of reveal system will determine at which stage the installation should take place. Careful planning of the reveal system installation will provide you with complete freedom to choose between any of the Roundal solutions. Has your construction project advanced into a certain phase? No stress – we can work with that.

Important factors
The most important question is: what stage is the project currently in? If your facade has already been installed, this will limit the choice of reveal type. In addition, the type of facade matters. Is it a ventilated facade, with plaster, stone strips or a traditional facade brick? The window shape is another essential element. In case of a flat window, the shape of the window plays a decisive role, while for a corner window, the angle is important.

In other words: Timing is everything! If you want to keep all options open, make sure to plan everything in good time.

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